Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump, DeVos and the fleecing of America

Once upon a time there was a Sputnik circling the Earth and the fear it created spurred America to wake up and invest massively into education. Those days are long gone and now religious extremists (like late Jerry Falwell and his son Jerry Falwell Jr) wage war on science in United States. Sadly they are about to destroy the education system and the end result will be an Idiocracy society where we study only creationism and we water plans with sport drinks because they have electrolytes - what plants crave.

So what is president Trump's policy? He has only one policy: to continuously demonstrate he has the largest dick. 

From inauguration crowd size to popular vote size, it is all about how he is "yuuuge". Help him masturbate his ego in public and you get away with anything. One such person is Betsy DeVos. 

Betsy DeVos is a billionaire who made her money with Amway and she bought her way into the Trump administration by donating to the republican party something to the tune of 200 million dollars. On the recent confirmation hearings she said she is supports guns in schools to protect students from grizzly bears!!! Also she did not understand the difference between the value of something and the rate of increase of that value. Her intellectual level is that of a moronic imbecile who repeatedly failed to complete 3rd grade. Honestly, she deserves a prize for managing to beat Sarah Palin in stupidity: a really really hard thing to achieve.

So why does she want to lead the education department? Because the education budget is over 140 billion dollars. Cha-ching! By refusing to hold both public and private schools accountable to the same standards she opens to door to scams like her boss' "Trump University" And it is all paid for by us, the taxpayers. What? Did you believe those 200 million dollars were donated out of the goodness of her hearth?

Now maybe Amway is a legit business and she is not a nutcase. Do you know how Amway works? It is a pyramid scheme going under the name "multi-level marketing": you buy their soap and you sell it to say 5 of your friends and if you sign them up as Amway distributors you get a cut from their sale as well. Now you don't get rich by selling 3 dollars worth of soap in a month, but by signing up many more people and they in turn do the same. The end result is a pyramid of losers. Most of them end up broke and with a garage full of soap inventory. They loose money on books and brainwashing cult-like company seminars. So why is this not illegal? Because the Federal Trade Commission guys are crooks too: since there is an actual product flowing (which keeps the scam going) they merely get their cut of the scam by huge fines (which would have been impossible from traditional Ponzi schemes because in that case when the scheme crashes the money stops flowing).  Now Amway is not alone in MLM. Here is a nice video about the dangers of multi-level marketing:

Back to DeVos. She is promoted by Trump to buy republican support for keeping him in power, but she is a pure republican creation. Both republicans and Trump are willing to fleece America, their only difference is how they sell it to their base: republicans trick them by appealing to freedom, self-reliance, and independence, while Trump promises to make their dicks great again. Trump's ideology is nothing but the fascist utopia: "you are the best, screw everyone else" (like mexicans, muslims, and recently australians).

I don't want to end on a dark note so here is a nice video: 

because the best way to deal with Trump is by making fun of him. There are many more videos like this for various countries in the world. Have fun watching them all.

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