Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Waiting for US election results

I will comment tomorrow on the election outcome...


  1. The US as an autocratic police state has begun

  2. There are two things that strike me as very probable with a Donald Trump administration. I can't of course predict the future, but based on prior behavior of Trump, the Republican party and the nature of this campaign two things strike me as very possible. The first is that internal security, surveillance, police power, FBI intelligence gathering etc is going to rocket forwards. The other is that the public trust, in particular Social Security, is going to be scrapped and Trump and other cronies are going to loot billions of $$$ out of it.

    Donald Trump has promised to deport 11 million illegal aliens. Not since the wonderful halcyon days of Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany has there been that sort of forced movement of populations. To do this it will require massive internal intelligence gathering and police power. Ever wonder why Comey of the FBI kept "leaking" bogus reports of Hillary's emails? He knows that Trump will greatly expand the FBI, which means more money, power, prestige and so forth for the FBI and its director. Comey can return the FBI to the days of J. E. Hoover, but now as a secret police organization like the Stazi or Gestapo. (The venal little creep!) Trump also has a serious history of using the courts to attack or suppress opponents, and now he has the whole Justice Department to do this on a huge scale! I think Trump may return us to the situation of Joe McCarthy, where now instead of a shabby two bit senator leading the charge it will be a sociopathic baboon in the Oval Office.

    Social Security has been something the GOP has wanted to scrap since the days of Reagan. Tip O'Neil called it the third rail; if the GOP touches it they get shocked. Well now it could be that the GOP will get their chance. There is $4trillion in the fund, and Trump and other cronies can feast and gorge on cash in ways unprecedented in US history. One reason Trump likes Vlad Putin is that Putin has done the same looting in Russia. "Hey Vlad, watch this I can do the same and steal a lot more money!" Trump even said he would get richer as President; take his word for it! That is one statement he has made I can believe.

    I would tend to think commentaries about Trump on blogs or social media are not advised. I suspect it might not be too long before having a blog or social media profile that is filled with anti-Trump and anti-GOP stuff could be a source of serious trouble. Trump has a long history of rubbishing up people that disagree with him or that he does not like. This could easily I think extend to the whole nation and political opinion. It goes with the fascist territory. I plan in a few weeks to utterly stop all political writing even on emails. Google holds on to these for a long time.

    1. > I suspect it might not be too long before having a blog or social media profile that is filled with anti-Trump and anti-GOP stuff could be a source of serious trouble.

      This worries me. It would explain why Florin didn't show up...

    2. Florin might be looking back at Romania as being not so bad after all:-) If Europe and the rest of the world follows the US lead it might just be the dawning of the next dark age.

      Florin would be wise to keep this blog strictly on physics. Florin is right about most of what he write, while Lubos is thinking according to the equal time commutators of QFT that in effect "damage" quantum mechanics. The nonlocal physics at high energy is very short ranged due to short lifetimes of particles and has a minor role, but that does not make it wrong. Lubos will doubtless keep comparing this to what he sees as brain dead politics.

      Florin had better stick to the physics. I hate to say but in a couple of years people who write things not PC in the uber-right Trump manner might be getting loud knocks at the door at 2AM by thugs who make them "disappear."

      Democracy started to die last night.

  3. Don't you feel a bit painful, especially after your October masterpiece "A US Presidential Election Analysis" where you wrote about 20 times that there's a 100% certainty that Trump would lose? If I were you, I would delete this whole blog because it's become so terribly embarrassing.

    But instead, you pretend to believe that some people are still interested in your delusions about politics. Well, some people do. It's stuff like Lawrence Crowell, the real audience of your blog.

    If it were equally easy to show you that your skull is full of crap on quantum mechanics as it is easy in politics.

    1. To you anyone who is not a Lubosite UR-fascist is delusional.

      It is now all on the shoulders of people like you. The outcome of this is not going to be good. Trump wants to build walls, both physical and economic, and people in the economics field know this will lead to a world depression. This outcome will not be on my shoulders, it will be more on the Trumpites.

      You are just like Trump in a way. It is all stomp, stomp, stomp and throw invectives against those you disagree with. The age of hate is dawning, and I am sure you will have a field day.

    2. Lubos, let me tell you a difference between us: as a (now) US citizen I got to vote in US elections and you did not. It's the difference between actually playing in the field and cheering from the sides. Keep shouting from the side. It's irrelevant.