Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Open Society and Its Enemies

Today I had planned to return to physics and talk about Gleason's theorem, but as US politics still brutally interjects into our life I want to explain my take of the events and to cleanse and de-Trumpify my life before resuming the physics topics. Gleason's theorem s not going anywhere and I will postpone the topic for a week.

Let me start with a "disclaimer": I am manipulated/incited by media, I am a professional protester paid by Soros, I am a hard core liberal/socialist in love with Hilary, I hate the silent majority of blue color hard working people who makes my life comfortable, and I think they are all bigots and racists. (for the record this was tongue-in-cheek).

Until my second year in college I lived under a totalitarian system and I experienced a lengthy decade of a transition to democracy after 1989 in Romania. What I observe today in the US is the process in reverse. So how did we get here?

To shorten the history, let me start with the end of second Bush presidency and the inauguration of Obama. At that time all inter-bank landing came to a screeching halt and it was as if someone had hit the turn-off switch on the economy.  To jolt the system back to life, Obama resorted to the ides of Keynes and introduced the stimulus package. But Obama had one fault: he was black and this startled the rednecks who organized into what later became the Tea Party. This was America's reactionary ideology which cannot expressed their opposition to Obama's skin color due to political correctness, and instead went after him on fiscal ideas. The mainstream republicans had a love/hate relationship with the Tea Party because on one hand they fear it as something which cannot be controlled, but on the other hand they draw their support from the same electoral pool.

The mainstream republicans are masters of duplicity: they draw their support from the poor rural, uneducated part of America by praising their self-reliance and tickling their self-esteem, while they push policies which actually hurt their mass constituency while enriching the big business donors. To pull this trick they rely on a disgusting propaganda machine: Fox News. What Trump did was to break the republican lies and come out in the open with a full display of racism and intolerance. Trump was running not only against Hillary but against mainstream republicans as well.

Now fast forward to today. I don't think Trump is stupid: he is a master manipulator, an immoral con man who plays on others core beliefs. Trump lacks any core beliefs/moral compass and this makes him extremely dangerous: a narcissistic psychopath bully now with nukes. You only fool yourself into giving him a chance/benefit of the doubt. The only thing Trump respects is raw power and a forceful push back.

But what about the republican electorate? Almost half of them are brainwashed imbeciles: in June of 2016 41% of registered republicans thought Obama was not born in US. Moreover 31% did not know what to think and only 27% of them were on the sane side!!!

So how can we deal with Trump and his constituency? Let's go back to basics, the US constitution. Trump stated that the second amendment is under  siege, but he is now attacking the first amendment:

"Prohibits Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances."

The main characteristic of a totalitarian state was brilliantly captured by Popper in his book: 
"The Open Society and Its Enemies"

The other day Trump tweeted: "Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!"

He tried to intimidate the media and interfered with the rights of the people to protest. Trumps wants to build physical and economic walls, deport millions of people, and wants to turn America into a closed totalitarian society. I find this unacceptable:

Trump is not my president.

Trump is not alone. He has a cohort of bad supporters. First the shame list of totalitarians willing to trample your rights:

- Trump: see above
- Rudy Giuliani: advocates locking up political opponents
- Chris Christie: did political revenge
- Stephan Bannon: antisemitic racist; the Goebbles of Trump

Next this is followed by opportunistic, lying, immoral, disgusting individuals:
-Mike Pence: does not blink while lying to your face
-Reince Priebus: no slimy job is too slimy for him
-Bill O'Reilly

Then plain toxic people:
-Sarah Palin
-Ted Cruz

Then are the deplorables, and here I name a troll of this site: Lubos Motl. In Romania there is one guy Radu Moraru with his TV station Nasul TV who got involved into US politics and the Romanian vote here (in a covert effort to unseat the head of the Romanian anti-corruption agency). On that TV station I respect only one guy: Grigore Cartianu. Then there are the brainwashed.

I have no respect for the people above and I draw the line here. 

The rest of people who voted for Trump are not racists or brainwashed and I have a meaningful polite conversation with them. I have several friends who voted for Trump and I have no ill feeling towards them and while we disagree we do it in the boundary of decency.

I only insist on one point: if you voted for Trump you are personally responsible for the consequences of Trump's presidency.


  1. Reince Priebus will be the White House chief of staff and Stephen Bannon will be “chief strategist and senior counselor.” These two are right out of John Birch society stuff, a semi-fascist group with some popularity and notariety in the 1950-60 time period.

    Much of Trump's rhetoric is right out of the rush Limbaugh playbook. Trump is in a sense Rush reified into public office. Along the list of deplorables are Anne Coulter, who said liberals should be sent to prison camps, Mike Savage, Glen Beck and a host of other media figures. For 25 years millions of Americans have had their brains marinated in this crap.

  2. Wow sir. You are a complete Marxist moron.

    1. Sir, you are a coward troll who does not sign his post, although it came from Czech republic. Who can you be I wonder?

    2. What Anonymous does not realize is that being liberal or conservative, or really for that matter embracing any ideological stance is not a matter of analytical intelligence. It is a matter of ethics, values, aesthetics, and what constitutes decency and fairness. These are not something derived by analytical or logical means, but by one's inner sense of what is right.

      One does lower their intellectual standards when political or religious beliefs eclipse empirical or rational knowledge. In the case of conservative politics climate issues come to mind, and with religion there is the denial of evolution.

      In this age it does appear that anything to the left of Attila the Hun is being regarded as Communist. Of course it is easy to besmirch someone this way. It takes little to see that anonymous knows little about Marxism, which is curious if it is Lubos since he lived in a former Communist nation. There is nothing in Florin's statement that involves collectivism, dialectics applied to society or material dialectics, there is --- well nothing Marxist there.

      Mussolini said the 20th century was to be the century of fascism. He may have only been wrong with the century. A regrettable consequence of the fall of the Soviet Union is that in the west the political rational for there to be a politically based social system has gone. In the 1930s Roosevelt offered the New Deal as a way to prevent the United States from cascading into the Communist camp. It was a way a capitalist economy could be merged with some social support system, thus preventing Communism. The American Communist Party went from several million members to fewer than 10 thousand. Now that the USSR is gone the rational for any social construct has gone and the US and some parts of the OECD world are spiraling off into right wing world to fascism.

      It seems about every 100 years humans do this in a major way. Animals in general seem to enter into collective insanity, swarming behaviors, stampeding off cliffs etc. Maybe there is some sociobiology and evolutionary basis for this. We seem to be entering into the next grand episode of collective madness.

    3. I've always signed myself in the recent 15 years.

    4. Florin, you are an idiot too. I live in Washington State. Czech. Right. I don't have an account on the list offered and I'm certainly not going to take the time to set one up for this liberal rag so I hit anonymous. And anyone can put whatever name they want on an account. It says nothing about them. Get a brain.

    5. Apologies Lubos, I did get lot of traffic from your country and he sounded like you. You used sock-puppetry in the past; I know it and you know it. Remember the time you found an article in Russia Today by Bricmont? You did not sign your name then. I also have other examples.

      For the record I will not ban you or anyone else from this blog regardless of inflammatory statements. Your political statements are despicable but it is a free village and you are entitled to be delusional.

    6. Anon, you are still a coward and a troll. Plus you are a complete moron who does not know what Marxism is.

  3. I do not understand why the worlds is ending because 57% of electors vote for Trump. Many seem to think that a president has some kind of limitless power, but that is hardly the case in the U.S. with checks and balances galore. Obviously you were too young to remember the Reagan years with Teller's star wars and the isoprene pollution of trees.

    Grow up.

    Stuff happens. There is hope and change now for 57% of the electors and thank goodness that NY, IL, and CA do not always get to decide who is president. I worry more about the unlimited tyranny of the majority than the limited tyranny of a single president. The founding fathers knew about the tyranny of the majority and were worried very much about 1786 for goodness sake.

    Tyranny, you see, comes in many shapes and flavors and it always seems like the tyranny that we desire is better than the tyranny that we elect...but they are one and the same...

    1. Excellent post.

    2. In Eastern Europe Reagan is regarded as a hero who broke Soviet Union's back and freed the countries from communism. He may have had other sins, but I am grateful to him for what he did for me personally when he made communism fall. By the way I was an active participant in the revolt against the dictatorship in Romania.

      Also I am not anti-republicans; I would have voted for Kasich vs. Hillary for example. Hillary was rotten to the core; I said it before on this blog.

      But with Trump it is time to circle the wagons. Yes, it takes time to achieve tyranny, but if I don't stand up to evil I loose my self respect; it's a matter of spiritual hygiene.

    3. My experience with Russia is that the USSR was toast before Reagan became President of the US. There were two things that brought it down. The first is that while Soviet made televisions caught fire and their best computers were giant boxes, Apple computers and Sony color TVs started to be smuggled in. Russians knew their system was rot. The other was the invasion of Afghanistan. Most Russians knew this was a disaster. By 1980 the number of young people joining the "Red Pioneers" dropped by more than half.

      A trusim of any organization is that once you lose morale you have lost everything. In the case of the USSR that happened in the late 70s, and the USSR entered the 1980s as a zombie regime. This was while Reagan was pounding his fist over evil empires and such. Reagan at best hastened the unraveling of the Communist regime by a few years or a decade at most.

    4. Each eastern European country was different, but Ceausescu was firm in command and was slowly transforming the country into North Korea. The 80s were a time of food shortages and war-time rationing: 1 liter of cooking oil per person per month, and one kilogram of sugar distributed by ID cards. 1989 was the year of the domino effect: it started with Solidarity in Poland. Two years later it was the time of Soviet Union itself.

    5. It is my understanding that Ceausescu was rather mad; he was utterly insane. The other Communist leaders on other Warsaw Pact nations had their mental marbles together better, with the possible exception of Albania.

    6. No he was not mad or insane, he simply managed to consolidate the entire power into his hands unlike the other communist leaders. He came to power by riding an anti-soviet popular wave and he consolidated his grip when he stood defiant to Moscow during the invasion of Czechoslovakia. This got him international recognition and a ton of loans. When the loans came due it was a tough time due to the second oil shock and the industry could not produce anything of value. To pay the debt Ceausescu started exporting the only thing of value: the food. This made the population starve but all protests were killed by the secret police. It was Reagan pushing and Gorbachev withdrawing from eastern Europe which changed the strategic balance of power. Gorbachev stated that the soviet troupes would not intervene like in Czechoslovakia if the were political changes in Eastern Europe. Romania was free of soviet troops by then and as a result the regime was stable and in control, but in the rest of eastern Europe the communist parties were saying to the population: were are actually good guys but it is the soviet troops which fore us to act this way. With the threat of soviet intervention gone 1989 happened.