Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump proves Time Travel does not exist

I have been proven wrong, Donald Trump won the election and apparently it is not wise to underestimate people's stupidity. So how did we got here?

One one hand, the establishment IS corrupt and there was a deep need for fresh air. Another Bush or another Clinton was a insupportable option. But on the other hand, racism still runs deep and while it was driven underground by politically correctness, it came back with a vengeance. While Trump's disgusting brand of politics is nothing new in Europe, US did not have the antibodies to combat it and people will lean the hard way how to do it. 

If you voted for him you are personally responsible for the consequences of Trump's presidency. 


  1. Garrison Keillor wrote an article everyone who voted against the orange baboon should read. It helps put things in personal perspective. His message is the flip side of yours; these right winged troglodytes have it all now. What ever happens it is not our fault, we are absolved of blame for what happens now.

  2. In thinking about all of this, and frankly trying to put it behind me, I can't help but think a Constitutional crisis in looming. I would suspect within a year this will happen. Trump is not given to being told either what to do or that he can't do something. This means he is probably going to not react well when he attempts things the courts tell him he can't do. Maybe even Congress will do that, though it is pretty red and will likely rubber stamp a lot of what he wants. Trump might just say to the Constitution "You're fired," and it will be curious to see if he gets away with it.


    1. Frankly, I don't think anyone knows what Trump will actually do. We shall see. I know what *I* am going to do. Trump will never represent me and he will get no respect from me. He needs to be opposed at every turn.

    2. I am weighing my options. Too bad locating to another planet is off the set of possible options. There is the Mars-One program, but I think I will pass on that. In the mean time there is the 10-step program for dealing with Trump. I hate to say it, but my first election had Ronald Reagan winning, and there has been 36 years of this rot, and so far I see no end. It has been 2 steps right and 1 step left, and we are marching right into something resembling Falangist Spain or Mussolini's Italy.